Tournament Information

Tournament Dates: Jan 6-8, 2023

Location: Woodlawn Complex - St. Pete, FL - Info

Cost: $100 Paypal/Cash (+$5 PayPal Fee)

Prizes: 1st: 12 Custom PURE Sports Bats & Discount Code for 2024 Event!
2nd: Apparel (Hats, Shirts, Etc...)
3rd: Dirty Sports Prizes (Both 3rd Place Teams)

Limited To: First Paid - 280 Men / 160 Women

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Information & Itinerary

4 Game Guarantee to ALL Players!

Friday January 6th - Draft Party (Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill)/One Pitch/HR Derby
Saturday January 7th - 3/4 game guarantee/Possible Single Elimination Start
Sunday January 8th - Single Elimination

Note: Due to the possible amount of teams and number of players the tournament format may change from previous years in order to finish in a timely manner for people to be able to travel home Sunday. This will be determined closer to the actual event.

Each player will receive a 2023 SuperDraft™ Full Dye Jersey to be given out at the draft party. All games are 6 HR then outs. Teams will be given ½ dozen balls to start the tournament (4 Mens & 2 Womens) and then may purchase additional balls if needed. Rules are based on modified Freedom Softball rules. 3 women must be on the field at all times. They can be positioned anywhere on the field but 3 women must play defense at all times. All players must be in the lineup, no exception unless a player is injured and elects to remove theirself. The only person allowed to not be in the lineup is the coach. Batting order can be any mix of male/female order. Pinch runners must run for the same sex, meaning a male may not run for a female and vice versa. For full list of rules visit the draft information page.

Name Sex Positions Class Paid
1. Bo Hami M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
2. Brandon Wessner M Coach , C, C B Yes
3. Brian Werlau M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
4. Cliff Wren M Coach , 3rd, C D Yes
5. Cozart Harvey M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
6. Daniel Mcnally M Coach , P, C E Yes
7. Darrel Weber M Coach , Any, Any C Yes
8. Davis Billardello M Coach , Any, Any Major Yes
9. Dirty Sanchez M Coach , P, P Major Yes
10. Donnie Hammonds M Coach , Any, Any AA Yes
11. Dustin Hatfield M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
12. Geoff Groves M Coach , Any, Any E Yes
13. Greg Walters M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
14. Ish Rios M Coach , Any, Any E Yes
15. Jeff Kightlinger M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
16. Jeff Whitman M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
17. Joey Simmons M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
18. John Rogers M Coach , P, P D Yes
19. Johnny Pearson M Coach , Any - OF, C D Yes
20. Joshua Johnson M Coach , Any - OF, Any - OF B Yes
21. Kristofer Edwards M Coach , 1st, C E Yes
22. Kyle Shanahan M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
23. Kyndrich Doggett M Coach , LF, Any - OF B Yes
24. Marc Maset M Coach , 1st, C D Yes
25. Marcus Celestine M Coach , Any, Any C Yes
26. Nick Manganaro M Coach , Any - OF, Any - OF B Yes
27. Pat Donahue M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
28. Pauly Wallnutz M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
29. Payne Brothers M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
30. Rhonda Hendricks M Coach , Any, Any E Yes
31. Richie Worline M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
32. Ricky Carlson M Coach , P, Any C Yes
33. Rodney Burnett M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
34. Ron Weber M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
35. Scott Devlin M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
36. Scott Lopez M Coach , Any, Any C Yes
37. Scott Napierata M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
38. Shawn Allen M Coach , Any, Any D Yes
39. Sug Grant M Coach , Any, Any B Yes
40. Zipp/Resto M Coach , Any, Any C Yes


Check-in/Draft Party

Check-in begins at 7pm at Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill. This is where you will pickup your jersey if you are not participating in the 1 pitch or HR Derby. Come join us for a good time!

  • Free Food and Beer at Check-in
  • 1 Pitch Starts at 5pm
  • HR Derby Starts at 6pm


Pool Play/Single Elimination

Pool play begins at 8am. Single elimination will possibly start at 8pm depending on the final number of teams. Visit our vendors and concessions.

  • Pool Play Begins at 8am
  • Prizes Given Out During the Day
  • Possible Single Elim Start at 8pm


Single Elimination

Single elimination bracket begins at 8am. Bracket will play during the day leading to the championship game that will be scheduled for approximately 445pm.

  • Single Elimination
  • Championship Game
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and both 3rd place teams
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